Product Information Management

Today, a product information management system is a foundational element of both a digital transformation and marketing operations. It enhances customer experience by allowing timely, accurate, and relevant product information to be readily available. These tools, processes, and governance rules enable companies to consolidate and manage their entire product/service catalog in one place.  


Data to be managed:

- Essential product data  (SKUs, UPCs, names, titles, descriptions, etc.)
- Taxonomy & relationships (categories, labels, variations, etc.)
- Technical Specifications (measurements, materials, ingredients, warranties, etc.)
- Digital assets (images, videos, documents, etc.)
- Marketing Data (keywords, Personas, SEO elements, etc.)
- Sales Information (prices, testimonials, customer reviews, etc.)
- Design Specifications (tyle sheets, designer notes, assembly instructions, etc.)
- Channel-specific information (Google categories, Amazon titles, mobile descriptions, etc.)
- Localized information (translations, copy, etc.)
- Supplier data

Inputs and outputs

Data quality procedures

Publication rules and mechanisms

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